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The website is provided as a convenience to providers and stakeholders of Vermont Medicaid Program. Use of the Vermont secure web pages is restricted to authorized users. User activity is monitored and recorded by system personnel. Anyone using this website expressly consents to such monitoring and recording. BE ADVISED: if possible criminal activity is detected, system records, along with certain personal information, may be provided to law enforcement officials.

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PHI (Protected Health Information) Restriction Disclaimer

Reminder: Use of this network is restricted to authorized users only. PHI shall not be shared within this module. If you are uploading attachments, please be certain that all files do not contain any PHI. BE ADVISED: Users are solely responsible for any applicable compliance with the DVHA Provider Agreement regarding the confidentiality of member information and compliance with federal and state laws governing the privacy and security identifiable information including PHI.


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When logging in to the application for the first time, you will be asked if you are using a personal or a public computer. Please use caution while answering this question as the privacy and security required to protect the healthcare data could be impacted by your selection


Enterprise Online Privacy Statement


This policy has been updated to protect personal data in accordance with requirements set forth in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which took effect on May 25, 2018. At Medicaid HealthCare Payer Portal websites our commitment to privacy goes beyond the minimum legal and regulatory requirements. We strive for best-in-class data protection and privacy management, which requires a sound data privacy governance structure and an effective data privacy compliance and best practices program to ensure we meets ever-changing and increasingly-complex regulatory standards and all contractually agreed privacy obligations. Medicaid HealthCare Payer Portal websites Global Privacy and Data Protection Office has strategic and operational responsibility for this program, which is adequately resourced and appropriately organized to ensure the policies and compliance processes, technology and physical controls and security we rely upon to govern the collection, use, storage and transfer of personal data all over the world meets statutory and regulatory requirements. Therefore, Medicaid HealthCare Payer Portal websites approach is to coordinate the contribution of several corporate disciplines - including ethics and compliance, legal, human resources, and information and physical security - to achieve our "best in class" data protection and privacy management objectives.

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